The Quilted Fox: Lemoyne Star Quilts
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Lemoyne Star Quilts at The Quilted Fox

The quilts on this page all grew out of the Advanced Hand Piecing: Lemoyne Stars
class that has been taught by Marsha Bray at The Quilted Fox.

Eunice Porvaznik

Eunice's Lemoyne Star quilt is in black, white and red. Isn't it spectacular! She started this one in April 2007 and finished it in November 2015! But she said that there were a few quilt finishes in between.

Dana Doerfler

Dana also took the Lemoyne star class and made this serene and lovely quilt. It recently was entered into her guild quilt show.
Janet Singer

Janet made her gorgeous version of the Lemoyne Star quilt in red and white. Isn't this just spectacular!!

Cyndi Barton

Cyndi made this beautiful quilt in the Lemoyne Star class. Cyndy's autumn colors palatte makes a beautiful quilt.
Carol Hegde

Carol calls her quilt Snowy, Snowy Night. Carol now lives in Memphis but she brought her quilt back to St. Louis as a finished show and tell.

Louise Morris

Louise made 2 Lemoyne Star quilts from the class. This is a smaller quilt featuring 13 of the 12" blocks. The colors evoke the feeling of spices from India. She's currently working on a final pieced border that has yet to be added.

Carolyn Forsen

Carolyn started with her Lemoyne Star blocks from the advanced hand piecing class. She then designed her own setting featuring trees and leaves. The result is beautiful and unique!

Louise Morris

This is Louise's first of two quilts made from the class. The blocks blend blues, greens and turquoises in a beautiful quilt that makes one think of the ocean. Louise will be adding another border to finish the quilt top.

Mary Ellen Adams

Mary Ellen's blue and orange quilt really pops! She blended two different background colors in her own unique setting that creates a center medallion.

Elise Reinike

Elise used Christmas colors for her Lemoyne star blocks. She then floated them on a white background. The red piping in the border really sets them off beautifully.

Ramona Dunlap

Ramona's green and blue stars really pop with some small touches of orange and yellow. Ramona adjusted the quilt size to fit a double bed

Nancy Guilfoil

Nancy was the first person to finish her quilt! Her purple and gold color scheme really zings. The quilt was quilted by Jane Coons.


Rosemary Witte

Rosemary chose to make her green and gold blocks into two small wall hanging that will hang in the same room. Her colors have a gorgeous glow!

Anne Perry

Anne still has her final borders to finish but her purple, lavender and green quilt is just stunning! She featured many different Asian prints.

Anne Bader

Anne chose blue and white with touches of turquoise. The result is a classic blue and white quilt with lots of pop! Gorgeous quilting by Jane Coons finishes off this beauty.


Marsha Bray

This is the quilt that started it all!

This quilt was inspired by my love of the Lemoyne star block. I saw a design in a book "Lemoyne Stars Made Easy" by Sharon Craig and adapted it. The stars are all hand pieced. It was completed in 2004 and quilted by Marilyn Lange.


Marsha Bray

This is my second Lemoyne Star which I call Lemoyne Latte. I quilted this one myself.

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