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Quilted Fox Shop Update

Hello everyone,
     Just a note to let you know how things are going here at the Quilted Fox.  I come in each day, usually by 11:00 to fill internet orders, and handle phone calls on the answering machine and in person.  I have been able to help a number of people who need something to continue on with their projects without having anyone come in.  If you need something in the way of fabric, we have a very complete website and most of our fabrics are shown there.  There are also kits available.  If you need a notion, give me a call.  We can mail it to you or in some cases have it charged and available for pick up out in the hall. 
     I had hopes that I would get my office cleaned. No such luck.  I have been working on a project for a customer and have made some real progress on it.  I hope you are all well and that we will be able to see you in person soon.


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