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The Quilted Fox Reopening Monday, May 18th - Abbreviated Hours

Hello everyone,

       After much thought, we will be opening our doors for customers on Monday, May 18th.  Until further notice our hours will be Monday through Saturday from 11-4.  We will open again on Sunday at a later time.  We will be following the guidelines as set forth by the county administration.  We will be allowing no more than 5 customers in the shop at a time, and will ask that social distancing be practiced.   We ask that you wear masks as we will be wearing them as well.  Finally, please be considerate of customers waiting to come in and take a reasonable length of time.  As for everyone, this is a whole new situation, and we hope that it will work in a comfortable way.  Well, as comfortable as it can be when wearing a mask. 

       I was out in St Charles shopping with my daughter and granddaughter for a wedding dress for the latter.  We had masks on (mine was black), and I felt like any minute someone would send me out for fear that I might be robbing the place. 

       We look forward to getting to see you all again.  As Trudy told me, we might have to learn a whole new language in order to understand people talking through their masks.

Stay safe.

Louise Georgia and her terrific staff
The Quilted Fox
10403 Clayton Rd.
Frontenac, MO 63131
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