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Quilted Fox Update

Hello everyone,
     We have learned that the AQS show in Paducah, that was scheduled for September, has been cancelled.  If you have purchased a seat on one of our buses, we would like to get the refunds taken care of as easily as possible.  If you purchased the ticket with a credit card, we need to refund it on that particular credit card.  You can call us at 314-993-1181, and we can handle the refund over the phone.  Several people have taken the $63.00 credit as a gift certificate, which of course, makes it easier to handle the cash flow.  If you paid with a check or cash, we will refund in kind.  We appreciate your patience as we try to handle this in an organized manner.
      Fabric is beginning to ship again.  Hoffman just called and wanted to know if they could send my June shipment (35 bolts).  I said yes with a little quiver in my voice.  Eighteen new African fabrics came in and are on the shelves.  It is the best selection I think I have ever had.  The quality is excellent and the colors are very rich.
     We are continuing with our temporary hours: Monday through Saturday 11-4, Closed on Sunday.
      It has been wonderful to see your faces again, well - almost all of your face.

Louise Georgia and her terrific staff
The Quilted Fox
10403 Clayton Rd.
Frontenac, MO 63131
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