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Oops - Address Correction

Hello everyone,

   The address of our new shop is 2055 Craigshire, Maryland Heights, MO 63146.  We accidentally put in the wrong zip code when we emailed yesterday. 
     Just to address a few questions we have received since yesterday:  Yes, we will be on the second floor again, but there is an elevator as well as handicapped parking available for our customers in need as well as those that will be bringing machines to future classes (in our dedicated classroom!). Another question--- we have a very large parking lot (yesterday when I was over there, a policeman was parked at the entrance looking for speeding cars just like here at Le Chateau). 
      We are so excited about the location- easy access from Page, 270, and Lindbergh.  If you GPS it, you will find it is 2 minutes off the highway, and no more than 5-7 minutes away from our current location.    The space is larger and has more dedicated areas for classes, storage, checking in fabric and all those necessary events.  I got to choose the paint color, carpeting, and even the countertops.   However, there are some real pluses we do not have here.  We have a very special place for those that bring you to sit and feel very comfortable.
     We hope to be moving the last week of August.  That will depend on the completion of the build out which depends on the approval of plans by the city and fire department.  We will let you know more about that when we know more.
We will be open here through most of August hoping to have only a few days when we are closed.

Louise Georgia and her terrific staff
The Quilted Fox
10403 Clayton Rd.
Frontenac, MO 63131
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