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SALE Friday, August 19th and Saturday, the 20th

Hello everyone,
     We will be having our annual CLEAR THE BOLT SALE. To those of you in First Saturday, I gave you the wrong dates so please note the correct dates above.

     Clear the bolt with 5 yards on it or less you will receive 20% off that fabric. However, if you clear a larger bolt, you will receive 20% off the first five yards and regular price for the balance. Also any half yards that are X’s (X means the fabric is gone from the bolt on the shelf) will be 10% off. The X is found on the price tag inside the half yard.

     Since the move, we are getting more fabric in than we have shelf space. Help us out so we don’t have a multitude of bolts on the floor. I don’t like a messy shop so you would really be helping me out. Any help in this task will be appreciated.

     Thank you for your help. Take some time for yourself!!!! See you August 19th, and/or August 20th- if not sooner to scope out the short bolts.

Louise Georgia and her terrific staff
The Quilted Fox
2055 Craigshire Road, Suite 205
Maryland Heights, MO 63146
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