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Fabric and Classes!

Hello everyone,
     We still have a few spaces open in Candy Grisham's class;  Piping Your Binding.  Class will be held Thursday, February  16th from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. Cost is $25. Learn how to do that special technique to finish your quilt.  I always think of it as doing for a quilt what a mat and its' edge does to a framed picture.


      Many thanks to our wonderful customers for all of your hard work in helping us through the Pre-Super Bowl Sale. I now have room to get these new fabrics out from behind the counter and up on the shelves where you can see them! FYI  I have kept the sales tags on the bolts that remain so you can still get in on the $7.00 a yard sale.  


As always, I look forward to seeing you.

Louise Georgia and her terrific staff

The Quilted Fox
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Maryland Heights, MO 63146
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