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The Foxes Are Circling The Quilted Fox

Hello everyone,

       We are ready to take sign-ups for the new block -of-the-month.  It will be 59 x 75 which is a throw size and is to be called— “Foxes Among the Trees.”  You will see the foxes peering around the trees.  This one will be fun for throwing on a couch or chair in a family room or even given to a youngster.  If you stop in we will have a color picture to show you.  The cost for the year is $79.95 and there will be no finishing kit expenses.  You will choose your own border with our help if needed.  The same rules will apply concerning showing us your finished block each month on the Saturday that you sign up for and staying to join us in our 30–45-minute info get together. It will be the first or third Saturday starting in May which ever you sign up for.   Stop in and we will give you the full details and a sneak peek at the completed quilt.  If you would prefer not participating in the Saturday event and would like it mailed to you quarterly, the cost is 134.95 including shipping. 

We look forward to seeing you.

Louise Georgia and her terrific staff
The Quilted Fox
2055 Craigshire Road, Suite 205
Maryland Heights, MO 63146
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