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The Fox Splashes in the Caribbean
Starts May 2020
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 The Fox Splashes in the Caribbean is our first and third Saturday Block of the Month for 2020/2021. This unique Quilted Fox design is inspired by the deep hues of the Caribbean Sea. This quilt will have all of the rich blues, and teals and aquas that make that part of the world famous.

As in recent years, we have put a lot of effort into designing a complete quilt using blocks to get an interesting, integrated quilt.  This quilt will be comprised of 16 main blocks with sashing included as part of the complete quilt. For this reason, we have changed the program to have all who participate do both the main block and the sashing. You will only have to show us the completed main block, but you will be signed up to receive both the main block and components of the sashing each month.


The rules will remain the same. In brief, complete the main block each month and show it to us on the Saturday (1st or 3rd) that you have signed up for. Be here by the time the doors close at 9:00 am, and remain for the 30/40 minute demonstration.


The cost is $100.00 for the main blocks and sashing. Sales tax is not included.  This program is different than past years as it will run for 16 months instead of 12.


At the end of the program, you will be offered a finishing kit to complete your quilt.

 The individual blocks are posted below each month as they are revealed.

(To see blocks from past years--go to Saturday Block-Of-the-Month Page)

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