The Fox Splashes in the Caribbean
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The Fox Sings the Blues

The NEW first or third Saturday group
beginning in February 2022!

The Fox Sings the Blues

Starts February 2022
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as they are posted each mont

February 2022
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 The Fox Sings the Blues is our first and third Saturday Block of the Month for 2022. The quilt is in the colors of indigo blue, medium blue, light blue, light gray and white.  There is one fabric that will be used each month that has a touch of yellow in it.  Once again, the blocks are done so that it will make a very specific quilt.


The rules will remain the same. In brief, complete the main block each month and show it to us on the Saturday (1st or 3rd) that you have signed up for. Be here by the time the doors close at 9:00 am, and remain for the 30/40 minute demonstration.  If you are unable to do this, it will cost $5.00 to start again.


The cost is $78.00 up front.  Sales tax is not included. 
This year we are also offering BOM by mail for the cost of $148.00 (includes shipping).


At the end of the program, you will be offered a finishing kit to complete your quilt.

 The individual blocks are posted below each month as they are revealed.

(To see quilts from past years--go to Saturday Block-Of-the-Month Page)


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